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My name is Corinne Schuurmans, I'm married with Marré and we have two kids, Robin and Jort. Since my early childhood I love all kinds of animals, big and small, but most favorite were horses and dogs. So in 1993 my husband and I bought our first dog together, a Rottweiler female, called Cesam v.d. Runderkraal.We were very pleased with "our Sam" and because of her we became so attached to the breed Rottweiler.


Sam was an "old-fashioned" Rottweiler with a great character. So with Sam it actually all began. Her character was great, her hips were good, her teeth were ok and at the shows she was rated "Excellent". After that she passed her VZH-exam and so we had all the "ingredients" to breed with her. And we did...


In 1996 our first litter was born; 13 puppy's. It was a great experience so we decided to make it official and in 1997 "de Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland" approved our kennel "VAN DE LEEMLANDE". Our kennel owes her name to a local nature-area called "Leemputten" or "Leemkuilen". We often take a walk with our dogs over there.


W've had 3 nice litters with Sam. And in 1999 Irvy-Kelly v.d. Runderkraal came to live with us. Another "Runderkraal-dog". She was doing very well at the shows and she became "Nederlands Kampioen" (Dutch Champion) and "Winster 2000". In April 2012 Kelly turns 13 and she is still in very good health. She gave us 4 beautiful litters (Offspring D-litter - Offspring G-litter). And after our kids were born, in 2008 Rona v.d. Runderkaal came to live with us. Again, a "Runderkraal-dog"... And a dog with a very great temperament and character. She also did a very good job at the shows. She became Dutch Youth Champion in 2009 and she won the "show-bowl" from the Dutch Rottweiler Club (NRC). Unfortunately, she never became Dutch Champion. At 8th july 2010 she died giving birth to her puppy's. We still miss her greatly...


She left us a beautiful legacy: Hedin-Rona v.d. Leemlande and Hindy-Rona v.d. Leemlande and meanwhile they've grown to lovely (young)adult dogs. Just like her mother, Hindy is now Dutch Youth Champion and she also won the "show-bowl" of the year 2011 and since 02-06-2013 Hindy is Dutch Champion! In October 2012 Lexus 't Hupke came to live with us.


In the meantime Lexus is living with us for more than 4 years and besides being Dutch Youth Champion and Dutch Champion, she also became mother of our I- and J-litter.  From this litter we kept Java van de Leemlande. A naughty young female, which brings us lots of joy and hapiness with her playful character. To follow the developments of our dogs, have a look at their own web page or, for the latest news, at our news-page.


We hope you enjoy browsing our website!


Corinne met beeld van Rottweiler in Rottweil (DE)
De Leemlande Rottweilers Hindy Rona v.d. Leemlande
De Leemlande Rottweilers Hindy Rona v.d. Leemlande
De Leemlande Rottweilers Hindy Rona v.d. Leemlande

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